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TRIZ Sites

  The TRIZ Journal – For people interested in the TRIZ …: … Welcome to the July 2001 issue of the TRIZ Journal! The Mitsubishi Research Institute (MRI) has renewed its sponsorship for 2001. We want to sincerely thank … OTSM-TRIZ … Continue reading

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Song from π!

Originally published on Mar 6, 2015 on Marina’s BD Piano Solo – Intermediate Composed by David Macdonald. 21st Century. Published by David Macdonald (S0.42069). This song is written by taking the digits of π and assigning them to the notes of the A … Continue reading

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Hydrophobic Surface

Ultra-Ever Dry is a super-hydrophobic (water) and oleophobic  (hydrocarbons) coating that will completely repel almost any liquid.   Ultra-Ever Dry uses proprietary nanotechnology to coat an object and create a barrier of air on its surface.  This barrier repels water, oil … Continue reading

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You’ve Got an Idea

Notice to readers:  Nothing withing this advice should be treated as legal. Not all inventions should be process this way. YOu will need to use your own judgement for using this advice for your particular invention. For more acdruate information please consult … Continue reading

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TRIZ in UK TRIZ is a Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, abbreviated from Russian language. It is mostly related to technical problems. It could be explained as a problem-solving, analysis and forecasting tool derived from the study of patterns of invention from the … Continue reading

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Inventions Wall

Inventions exist as long as the human civilization exists. For the past thousdands of years there have been millions of inventions created by people. Only in the USA there have been issued over 6 million patents since the United State … Continue reading

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Galilean Thermometer

In September 2000, I received as a birthday gift a fascinating type of thermometer invented by Galileo hundreds of years ago. Unlike most other types of thermometers, it is colourful and aesthetically pleasing. by Greg Hegill What Is It? A … Continue reading

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TRIZ Software Many TRIZ software are available these days. The very first one was Invention Machine created by Valery Tsurikov from Minsk, Belarus back in 1993. Majrity of TRIZ software today are only available only commercially, some of them have a free trial for a limited period. Why … Continue reading

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Free TRIZ eBooks

List of books about TRIZ Read books online, convert PDF to text and share following documents with friends: LIST OF TRIZ-BOOKS   Download TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)    Download   Introduction to TRIZ   Download Triz Body of Knowledge Introduction as … Continue reading

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Russian Inventors

This is a list of inventors from the Russian Federation, Soviet Union, Russian Empire, Tsardom of Russia and Grand Duchy of Moscow, including both ethnic Russians and people of other ethnicities. This list also includes those who were born in … Continue reading

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