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Learn to Drive

Do we need to know how to drive a car? Of course we do!!! Driving skills can be practised and even mastered. Starting with traffic rules, that is Highway Traffic Act, and finishing the minimum number of hours you need to … Continue reading

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One Hour Driving

You think that to learn how to drive a car within an hour is totally impossible? Not at all!!! Let me explain to you how it is easy to do that and you will be able get help from a friend … Continue reading

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You Drive

There are billions of cars in the world! One can say that there is approximately 1 car for every 6 people, and if the population of the world is 6,446,131,400, then there are about 1 billion cars on the Earth … Continue reading

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Driving in extreme condition

APPREHENDING EXTREME ROAD CONDITIONS Simple rules every driver should follow: 1. INTRODUCTION This short instruction manual has been developed to assist drivers (novice, intermediate, and professional) to refresh their knowledge in dealing with extreme situations often happening on the road. The … Continue reading

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